W.W.J.D – An end of year poem

23 December 2013

Not our usual kind of article, but since it’s Christmas we thought we’d share a recent poem that Monica and Sarah wrote and presented to Jacqui at our recent team function! 

What Would Jacqui Do? 

Jaqui Victor you have bright orange hair,

People of your calibre are actually quite rare!

You took us in even though we’re a bit rough,

But look at us now were all grown ups!

September came and Mother Nature tore us down,

through all of this commotion a caring mother we all found!

We knew you were good, no – you were great!

as you carried us like a waiter walking on techtonic plates.

You have an ambiance about you with your peacock flutter,

with an aura like that, who wouldn’t trust ya?

We could list all the things that are inspirational,

But frankly what we’re saying is you’re effing sensational.

You’re a diamond amongst our rough

but now of this poem were had enough,

Through the ‘blue black’ and blue 

What Wouldn’t Jacqui Do?

By Monica and Sarah, 2013