Fearless colour …

9 March 2016


If you’ve never coloured your hair, then what are you waiting for?! Be bold, be beautiful and dip your toe in the water with a low maintenance semi-permanent colour by one of our incredibly talented stylists!

At True Grit we use a superb range of semi-permanent L’Oreal colours that can:

  • Create a beautiful Balayage or Ombre look
  • Blend perfectly into your natural colour and blends into greys too
  • Grow out with no nasty regrowth so you colour less often

This is non-commitment colour at its best! You won’t have any fear or regrets – we promise. At True Grit we use only the best semi-permanent colour by L’Oreal – Dia Light and Dia Richesse.

Dia Richesse 2 Dia Richesse