Cherry Blooms Brush On Mascara

15 August 2016

Cherry Blooms Fibre Lashes Extensions Mascara-500x500

Cherry Blooms’ latest creation is a three-step mascara that gives the effect of eyelash extensions, without the hassle. There’s no glue, no mess, and best of all; no irritation. Say goodbye to wasted time spent with eyelash extensions that refuse to cooperate and switch to a mascara that makes life simple.


Step One: Apply a generous coat of Transplanting Mascara Gel to your eyelashes

Step Two: Apply a coat of Fibers before the Transplanting Mascara Gel dries.

Step Three: Seal the Fibers coat with the Transplanting Mascara Gel, applying it thoroughly to the lashes.


That’s it! In no time at all, your eyelashes will be looking longer and thicker than ever before. The high quality beeswax in the formula helps to keep the lashes hydrated, while the fibres add 3D volume to your lashes, amplifying them by up to 300%. Available in store at True Grit today.