Contour your face with Youngblood

24 September 2016

Youngblood contour palatte

Youngblood’s Contour Palette is the answer to all your highlighting woes and contouring mishaps. The handy palette combines three highlighting shades with three contouring shades so you’re guaranteed to find your perfect shade to help you contour like a pro. Follow these easy steps to get enhanced bone structure in 10 minutes.


  1. Apply contour shades with Contour Brush and apply from left temple of forehead in the hairline all the way to the right temple.
  2. Use contour brush to apply contour shade from tops of ears to corners of mouth – scooping the cheek.
  3. With shadow brush, apply contour shade down sides of the nose and up into the crease of the eyelids.
  4. With a shadow brush, apply contour shade around the chin area.


  1. Apply Highlight shade on the bridge of the nose all the way up to forehead area. Can also be used under the brow.
  2. Apply highlight shade under the eyes, down and above the cheek bones. Highlight can be brought down a bit under the eyes as well.
  3. Apply highlight shade above the lip to make lips appear fuller and if desired, directly at the tip of the chin.

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Contour palette