L’Oreal French Girl Hair Brunette Bar

15 September 2016

French Girl Hair Brunette Bar

L’Oreal’s French Girl Hair Brunette Bar is inspired by the quintessentially French approach to beauty. Four beautiful brunette shades have been created to transform your hair colour from dull and drab to chic and fab.

Offering luxe approaches to colour with an emphasis on the art of understatement, each look can be tailored for you by your professional in-salon colourist. Choose from one of the four sophisticated shades.


French-Polish-Illustration-2 Babylight-Illustration Brunette-A-Porter-Illustration Tricolore-Chic


French Polish

Subtle, sophisticated, barely-there colour with an ultra-light touch; it’s everything French girl hair should be. Created courtesy of a new ‘contouring for hair’ technique, this is about layering brown on top of brown with a whisper rather than a shout.

Best for: Brunettes new to colouring techniques, who want a natural, effortless look.


Babylight Brunette

Effortlessly cool and timelessly youthful, this technique scatters subtle beams of light a quarter to a half-shade lighter around the face and seamlessly blended by the touch of the colourist to give a youthful take on the French girl look with highlights and lowlights.

Best for: Works well on hair with a little undone texture, like a choppy bob or long,
sixties-style layers. Just add fluttery lashes.


Brunette A Porter

Taking inspiration from the undone nonchalance of the photo ready Parisian front row, this technique involves blurring and perfecting deep brown hair with a soft veil of luxurious colour for ready to wear hair.

The traditional foil hair colouring technique is blended with balayage (painting colour free-hand) to bring the best of traditional and modern colouring techniques in one treatment. It’s as if you’re living life with your own in-built Instagram filter, ensuring your hair radiates brunette perfection 24/7.

Best for: Longer hair; mid to darker brunettes; those looking for deep shine.


Tricolore Chic

With its bespoke blending of three brunette shades, this tribute to the French emblem brings a new creativity to brunette hair whilst still retaining an understated, luxurious feel.

Best for: Longer hair; brunettes with a naturally darker base colour; brunette hair that already has some colour in it; anyone wanting something more experimental but still subtle.