The Best Hair Trends of 2016

10 November 2016

Bob (1)

Short and sharp, or soft and flowing –  the biggest hair trends of 2016 were certainly not short on variety or versatility!  Whether you loved them or hated them, there’s no denying that the hair trends were made to suit almost any shape or style. From the bob to the side part, and new takes on old classics, these were some of the most popular trends of 2016.

The Bob

2015 was clearly the year of the ‘lob’ but 2016 has been all about the bob – sharp angles, straight lines and blunt cuts have been just as popular as soft waves, textured hair and jagged ends. The bob is a versatile cut that can suit all styles and we’ve seen many get the chop this year.

Braid Waves

The type of waves that can only be created using a plait and a good night’s sleep, braid waves were a big hit this year. An effortless style to achieve that’s perfect for long hair, the braid waves keep your style soft and simple. The messier the better!

Side Part

The side part makes a bold statement, and it’s been more popular than ever this year. Whether worn sharp with a low ponytail, or soft with loose waves, the side part can transform any look.

The knot

Top knots remain as popular as ever, but this year we’ve seen all variations of the knot; the low knot, the messy knot and the double knot. An effortless style, the knot can be adapted for any look with minimal effort required.