Smart Girls Use SMARTBOND

2 February 2017


Ladies we are soo excited, L’Oreal’s SMARTBOND is here! The revolutionary products are set to change the way your hair recovers from colouring by working to protect and strengthen the hair, as it’s being worked on. The result is super shiny, super healthy hair even AFTER it’s been coloured!

SMARTBOND: a 3-step process

The SMARTBOND in-salon treatment is a 3-step process. The best part about it is that your hairstylist doesn’t have to change anything they normally do; they simply add SMARTBOND into the mix! The processing time can be kept the same, and they can use the hair colour of their choice.

Step 1: Your hairstylist stirs the SMARTBOND additive into the colour mix and then applies the mixture to your locks. They set a timer and let the colour process.

Step 2: The colouur is washed out and then the SMARTBOND Pre-Shampoo is massaged into hair and left on for 10 minutes. The pre-shampoo is then rinsed out and washed with shampoo and conditioner, as usual.

Step 3: Your hairstylist will recommend that you use SMARTBOND Conditioner once a week at home after washing your hair with your normal shampoo. It will help strengthen your hair fiber even further so that your color will stay vibrant for weeks!


Make sure to ask for SMARTBOND next time you’re in the salon!