Introducing Aura Botanica from Kerastase

4 April 2017


Introducing Aura Botanica Kerastase, new to True Grit! This hair care collection reconciles the irreconcilable, fusing naturality with performance for a luxury experience without compromise. The new 98%natural hair care line features pure, hand-pressed, natural origin coconut and argan oils in a breakthrough formula that delivers incredible results and a healthy glow.


Here’s what our Kerastase Ambassador Sarah has to say about the beautiful new range:

“This amazing new Kerastase is unlike no other. It’s pure goodness for you, your environment, and your hair.

98% organic and natural range with all the ingredients fair traded and naturally sourced. Combining the delicious Argan oils and coconut oil together creates a beautiful natural range for those love weightless and desire moisturized soft beautiful hair.

You can also personalise this range to your hair needs depending on the level of sensitivity. So, if you want a range that is as good for the plant as it is for your hair and soul…. Come visit and ask your stylist about it today  😊

Sarah, Kerastase Ambassador

Happy hair day 😉