12 Years of True Grit

7 July 2017


In June, we celebrated our 12th birthday. It’s been a wild ride, starting out in 2005 when our director Jacqui was handpicked to breathe new life into the salon. While we’re still at the same address (give or take a few hundred metres), much has changed for True Grit, including a brand new building post-earthquakes, and the first custom-built ‘colour retreat’. The vision has always been to be one of Christchurch’s top salons, and the dream has since become a reality, despite starting from very humble beginnings. In 2016, True Grit won NZ Salon of the Year, and three other awards for grand salon of the year, best salon design, and best marketing. 


The original salon was beautiful, says Jacqui, but in need of work and a bit of love, so they worked to transform the space and the image of the salon into the funky, innovative True Grit of today that you all know and love. From a team of 3, to a team of 19 (and counting!), True Grit has well and truly blossomed over the years, and Jacqui credits the success of the salon to taking on apprentices, and giving stylists a unique opportunity to be trained by industry experts.


She’s proud of the passionate and supportive team she has, and says that one of the most inspiring aspects of True Grit, has been watching the stylists thrive as a team and not just individuals. There’s always plenty of creative energy around the salon, and the future is looking bright for True Grit! Jacqui and the team are focusing on sustaining their reputation as a world-class salon, and producing amazing stylists for many years to come.


Check out these incredible before and after photos of the old salon…

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And now…

true-grit-salon-8 True-Grit-Salon-II-4 True-Grit-Salon-20