25 August 2017

This season, it’s all about the Tiger Eye! This amazing colour technique is designed to draw attention to your eyes, by creating a mixture of shades that lighten around the face. From deep, warm caramel colours to a mixture of bronze, blonde and dark brown shades, Tiger Eye is a colour technique that works well for ANY hair colour!


Tiger Eye is also a very low maintenance colour technique, as your roots will remain untouched and it’s super easy to change the colour palette used when you get bored. We had a big training day with Kyla Rose from L’Oreal, and the girls created some stunning, personalised shades that you can ask for in salon now! Take a look at our favourite shades below:


Pink Spiced Chai


Red Velvet Melt

Biscuit Melt

Iced Mocha

Smoky Quartz

Dusky Rose

Golden Haze

Tangerine Dream

Smokey Mauve

Biscuit Latte