​Three ways to add volume to your hair

3 November 2017


If your hair is feeling limp and lifeless, then adding a little volume into your locks may be just what you need. Flat hair is a common condition that many of us suffer from, but not to worry! Volume can be created using brushes, hairspray or even just your fingers, and no matter your hair type, you can have envy-worthy hair full of life. From fine to thick hair, we’ve got you covered with our three easy ways to pump up the volume in your hair.



Change your part; if you normally wear your hair parted in the middle, try a side part to add volume. Using your fingers, puff up both sides for extra life. Likewise for hair that’s usually parted on the side, try swapping to the other side or go for a middle parting for equal volume on both sides.



Boost your roots; for hair that will truly be the life of the party, use Infinium Pure hairspray on your roots. Tip your hair upside down, then spray on your roots, gently backcombing as you go. Throw your hair back and voila! Voluminous hair that’ll last all day long.


Plait your hair; after washing your hair, style your locks into a loose plait and leave to air-dry. Remove your hairband and gently tousle your hair using your fingers for perfectly natural beach waves. For best results, lightly spray Infinium Pure before tousling.