How To: Air-Dry Your Hair Into Perfect Summer Waves

8 January 2018


Waves are all the rage this summer, and with more variety than ever before, there’s a type of curl to suit any look. Air-drying is a great way to achieve the coveted look, with minimal effort on your part.


Gentle Waves

For a subtle look, after washing hair clip hair behind the ears with bobby pins and leave to dry. Remove pins and give hair a quick shake through with your fingers.


Polished Waves

Best achieved overnight, plait wet hair into two sections, then twist and secure above ears with bobby pins (think Princess Leia). Leave to dry overnight and remove in the morning for perfectly polished waves.


Beach Waves

A great look for thicker hair; style wet hair into two ponytail braids. Leave to dry, but ensure you take the plaits out before the hair is completely dry to avoid a crimped look. Spritz with a styling spray such as the TecniArt PLI styling spray.