Easy hairstyles for hot days

14 February 2018

Half top knot

On a hot summer day, long hair can feel like quite a burden. So we’ve put together some easy hairstyling ideas to help you get your hair off your face, neck and back. Braids Tuck your stray hairs away and beat humidity while still looking cute. Particularly popular this season is the fishtail braid. Check out our recent blog on Five Ways to Braid. Twisted Bun Putting your hair up in a bun is an easy way to get long hair away from your face and neck, however, why not step this up with a twisted bun? There are a… Read More

How to wash your hair correctly

13 February 2018

how to wash your hair properly

Washing your hair seems like an easy enough task, but understanding the correct techniques can greatly affect the quality, bounce and shine of your hair. Here are a few tips and watch-outs we put together to help you get it right.   Rinse first As simple as this one sounds, rinse your hair for at least a minute and ensure your hair is thoroughly wet before applying shampoo. Use lukewarm water to help open your hair cuticles and remove any trapped dirt or oils.   Shampoo and conditioner should be applied differently Shampoo and conditioner have different purposes and need… Read More

Powermix by Serie Expert

10 February 2018

Powermix by Serie Expert

L’Oreal Powermix is the first in-salon bespoke masque highly concentrated in pure ingredients. Freshly mixed right before your treatment, it instantly transforms your hair and adds shine and softness.   How does it work? Your Powermix treatment always starts with a consultation with one of our stylists who analyses your hair condition, habits and expectations. Depending on your requirements, a masque is tailor-made using a base and one of the 5 Série Expert Powermix additives.   Whether you’re after shine, smoothness, resurfacing, strength or nourishment, L’Oreal Powermix will give you the instant fix you need. Speak to one of our… Read More

The pixie cut

5 February 2018

Jennifer Lawrence - Pixie cut

If you’re looking to make a bold hair statement and stand out from the crowd, a pixie cut is a surefire way to do just that. While it’s often a big decision, particularly for those who are used to their long locks, this stylish, boyish look exudes confidence and commands attention. Here are a few of our favourite celebrity pixie cuts to inspire you. To mark her transformation into a woman and set her apart from her fictional character, Emma Watson describes her pixie cut as “the most liberating thing”. She wears her pixie slicked and paired with dramatic eye… Read More

Tips on maintaining your colour-treated hair

3 February 2018

treating coloured hair

Looking to make your recently coloured hair last? Here are a few tips to help you maintain the vibrancy of your hair colour in between salon appointments.   Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner Shampoos and conditioners containing sulfates can cause the colour in your hair to fade prematurely. Look for sulfate-free brands like Pureology, specially designed for coloured-hair.   Turn down the water temperature As heat causes your hair cuticles to open and allow colour to be washed out, your shower water temperature can play a key factor in ruining your colour-treated hair. So avoid hot showers if you’re looking… Read More

The ethos behind Pureology

1 February 2018

Pureology range

When it comes to treating coloured hair, we can’t go past our favourite haircare brand Pureology. Not only does the brand promise longer lasting hair colour, it upholds a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Here are 3 great reasons to choose Pureology based on its ethos.   100% vegan All Pureology products are 100% Vegan, which means they are made from sustainably-sourced natural plant extracts and never tested on animals.   Environmentally friendly Pureology is committed to minimising their environmental impact throughout the entire lifecycle of their products, from the raw materials through to packaging and finally the effect… Read More