Half top knot

On a hot summer day, long hair can feel like quite a burden. So we’ve put together some easy hairstyling ideas to help you get your hair off your face, neck and back. Braids Tuck your stray hairs away and beat humidity while still looking cute. Particularly popular this season is the fishtail braid. Check out our recent blog on Five Ways to Braid. Twisted Bun Putting your hair up in a bun is an easy way to get long hair away from your face and neck, however, why not step this up with a twisted bun? There are a… Read More

A peek-a-boo fringe

It can be a bold move to introduce a fringe to your look, but when the results look so damn good it’s a bold move worth making! To help you decide what fringe is best for your hair, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourites. Talk to your stylist next time you’re in at True Grit to get advice on how best to go about rocking the fringe. Blunt Fringe As eye-catching as it is easy to wear, the blunt fringe is for those wanting to step it up a notch and create a hairstyle that really says… Read More


Waves are all the rage this summer, and with more variety than ever before, there’s a type of curl to suit any look. Air-drying is a great way to achieve the coveted look, with minimal effort on your part.   Gentle Waves For a subtle look, after washing hair clip hair behind the ears with bobby pins and leave to dry. Remove pins and give hair a quick shake through with your fingers.   Polished Waves Best achieved overnight, plait wet hair into two sections, then twist and secure above ears with bobby pins (think Princess Leia). Leave to dry… Read More


It’s summer so that means one thing in our eyes; relaxation. When it comes to keeping your hair looking fab over the summer season, we think the easier the hairstyle the better. Here are our best styles to keep your tresses looking their best, without all the hassle.   1. Half updo with braiding This hairdo is deceptively easy, and is perfect after a day spent at the beach. Section off the middle part of the hair, and french braid three plaits down the middle of the scalp. When you’re 3/4 of the way, pull the remaining hair into a… Read More


As the year draws to a close, we’re taking a look back at some of 2017’s best looks. This year was the year of testing boundaries, and trying out new colours and cuts that suited a wide range of styles. Check out our favourite looks below! The Mid-Crop Not quite a crop, not quite midlength, this in between style was the favourite of many a celebrity this year. Flattering and versatile, we’re loving this look! Platinum Blonde This colour was certainly having a moment this year, and we weren’t complaining! A brave colour to try, the amount of people who… Read More


COLOURFUL hair is HERE! L’oreal’s brand new Colourful Hair range is designed with rainbow hair in mind. Available in eight bright and brilliant intermixable shades, #COLORFULHAIR from L’Oréal Professionnel is a brand new in-salon, direct dye colour palette which offers 1,000s of bespoke and personal colourful results. Whether it is soft Pink Sorbet or Hypnotic Magenta, the possibilities are endless!   The Crystal Clear  provides you with the opportunity to reduce the intensity of the colour for more pastel tones, or for those more daring, introduce them to the hottest colour variants of the year! Whether you’re a colour junkie or prefer… Read More

This season, it’s all about the Tiger Eye! This amazing colour technique is designed to draw attention to your eyes, by creating a mixture of shades that lighten around the face. From deep, warm caramel colours to a mixture of bronze, blonde and dark brown shades, Tiger Eye is a colour technique that works well for ANY hair colour!   Tiger Eye is also a very low maintenance colour technique, as your roots will remain untouched and it’s super easy to change the colour palette used when you get bored. We had a big training day with Kyla Rose from… Read More


You know the drill – it’s gym time so you throw your hair up in what vaguely resembles a ponytail and call it a day. If you’ve got plans post-step class, add on another 15 minutes just to get your hair into shape. But say goodbye to the humble ponytail ladies, we’ve got the best gym friendly hairstyles that’ll survive a midday spin class and an afternoon of meetings.… Read More


An intricate looking hairstyle that’s actually super easy to recreate? Yes please! We’re loving dutch braids this month – perfect for an everyday look, gym hairstyle, or playful look for work. This style can be altered to suit any look – swept up and pinned on top for a romantic look, or plaited halfway, then finished with a sleek ponytail for a chic look  … Read More


The biggest music event of the year, watching the Grammys is a guaranteed way to spot some of the biggest trends in clothing, makeup and hair. So we did just that last week! Check out some of our favourite looks from the awards, from deep side parts to multi-coloured hair we have a sneaky feeling some of these styles will be popping up quite a bit this year…  … Read More