If your hair is feeling limp and lifeless, then adding a little volume into your locks may be just what you need. Flat hair is a common condition that many of us suffer from, but not to worry! Volume can be created using brushes, hairspray or even just your fingers, and no matter your hair type, you can have envy-worthy hair full of life. From fine to thick hair, we’ve got you covered with our three easy ways to pump up the volume in your hair.   Change your part; if you normally wear your hair parted in the middle,… Read More


Me, my colour, my hair. Play around with your hair colour with the Touche Chromatique Colour Injection pens! Completely personalised by colour category, the formula combines a shot of vibrant colour with protective conditioning when mixed with your hair mask.   Cool Blonde neutralizes yellow undertones, Cool Brown neutralizes red undertones, Copper revives copper shades and Red revitalizes reds. For every shade, there is a proper solution.   “This line is the ultimate in color-correcting and helping with the overall condition of color-treated hair,” said Matt Fugate, Kérastase celebrity hairstylist. “This collection is great because it makes hair more luminous… Read More


Thinning hair is a common problem for women over 50, as the hair begins to lose density and decrease in diameter. Thinning hair can also be caused by other factors such as family history, stress, hormones, diet and lifestyle habits, but thankfully there are solutions to the issue. Our favourite products for thinning hair have been created with advanced technology from L’Oreal that’s led to a renowned haircare range. The global solution is perfectly suited to tackle hair thinning for colour-treated or natural hair, acting on the main symptoms. Its unique formula allows for a tactile and visible improvement of… Read More


Ladies, age doesn’t have to be a barrier for choosing fantastic hairstyles and we have the photos to prove it! If you’re looking for a new do that’ll work for your age, check out our gallery below. We guarantee these chic styles definitely won’t show your age…… Read More


It was another stunning fashion week in New York City, and like always we were blown away by some of the incredible hairstyles seen on the catwalks. Check out our favourite looks from the week!  … Read More


Do you love having your hair coloured, but struggle to keep it looking vibrant and fresh between salon visits? It’s a common concern we hear a lot about, and we’re always on the lookout for the best ways to make your colour last as long as possible. Check out our top tips to keep your hair looking fabulous and fresh between your appointments:     Protect your hair against heat Every time you use styling tools like straighteners or blowdryers, you put your hair at risk of damaging the hair follicle if you haven’t used an adequate heat protectant. By… Read More


At home haircare is essential for maintaining healthy locks, especially throughout the winter season. Turn the task into a night of luxurious pampering, with our guide for the ultimate night in…   Start with… A relaxing bath using essential oils and epsom salts.  Lavender and rosehip oils are great for destressing, and the epsom salts will help your muscles to relax and recover after a long day. For extra luxury, light a scented candle and turn down the bright lights.     Move on to… A Kerastase masque. If you’re not sure what range is best for you, speak to… Read More


Now that it’s officially winter, it’s time to start reassessing your hair care routine. The cold temperatures and dry air can wreak havoc on your locks, making it harder for your hair to retain moisture and stay shiny. There’s also the added issue of static from winter essentials like beanies, scarves and woolen coats, leaving your hair extra frizzy and full of static. Making small changes to your hair care routine is the best way to banish these seasonal issues.   If you’re suffering from dandruff… A common issue in winter when scalps are left dry, ensure you add a… Read More


Thinning hair is more common than you might think. Typically, women will experience hair thinning at some point in their life and the issue can be caused by a range of different factors such as diet, weather, lifestyle and health. Luckily thanks to Kerastase, it doesn’t have to be a regularly occurring problem. Their Densifique range combines intense ingredients like complex glycan and texturising polymers to increase the look of hair texture and improve the appearance of your hair. Best of all? The range has proven results; a clinical study found that the products helped maintain the hair’s density with… Read More